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Solving Challenges in the Air Cargo Industry

Our founder, who previously worked in the airline industry, identified a persistent issue: the ingrained culture of overtime across the entire sector.

The main causes of this problem are the prevalence of manual tasks and chronic staff shortages. Currently, the air cargo industry relies heavily on legacy operations, such as manual document preparation required for air transport, handling cargo tracking inquiries, and managing air freight rates. These outdated processes often result in frequent irregularities due to document errors. Moreover, the lack of sufficient human resources means tasks cannot be completed on time, leading to inevitable overtime work.

To solve these problems, it is essential to automate operations and improve efficiency. However, the implementation of new systems requires significant cost and effort, which has prevented many companies from moving forward. Given this situation, our founder realized that while improvements might be possible within their own company, transforming the entire industry would be impossible from within. Therefore, they decided to tackle the issues from the outside, leading to the establishment of CargoLabo, a company specializing in the digital transformation (DX) of the air cargo industry.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the push for work style reforms have heightened the demand for DX across various sectors. In the air cargo industry, adapting to these changes will become increasingly crucial in the future.

We are committed to fundamentally revolutionizing the air cargo industry, establishing a stress-free work environment, and fully supporting this transformation through the power of digital technology.

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