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[Press Release] Japan Hyperinar, which develops and operates Vertical SaaS “Ekadigi” for air cargo, raises 30 million yen in pre-seed round

〜Accelerate business development by further improving service quality and acquiring excellent human resources〜

Japan Hyperinar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Norikuni Inaba, hereinafter referred to as “Japan Hyperinar”) develops and operates the digital platform “Eka-Digi” specializing in air cargo. ) is pleased to announce that it has raised approximately 30 million yen through a third-party allotment of capital to EastVentures (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as East Ventures), a venture capital firm. With the funds raised this time, we will further improve the quality and strengthen the adoption of "Eka-Digi," a digital platform specializing in air cargo.

■Funding background

Legacy operations such as creating manuals for documents necessary for air transportation, responding to inquiries regarding cargo tracing, and managing airfares remain, resulting in a permanent practice of irregular handling due to document deficiencies and overtime work. The decline in productivity due to this has become an issue.

Furthermore, due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the air cargo industry is accelerating the digitalization of operations, and further automation is expected to become essential in the future.

In order to solve the above issues, Japan Hyperinar has built a new system that brings together shippers, forwarders, and airlines on one platform, thereby revolutionizing the entire air cargo industry from the ground up and making it even better. We have raised funds to further drive DX.

■What is Ekadeji?

By eliminating manual work in air cargo operations, we will improve service quality and standardize operations, allowing real-time information sharing among shippers, forwarders, and airlines, visualization of operations, and preset data. This is the world's first solution product that allows you to manage and utilize knowledge as knowledge.

Furthermore, we design and develop products based on our know-how while listening to the essence of the issues faced by our users, resulting in products that are optimally suited to actual business operations and needs.

In addition, you can use Eka-Digi on a trial basis, which is scheduled for full-scale operation in July 2022, so we have started accepting pre-registrations from the URL below.

■Comment from East Ventures Associate Murakami

Although the current situation is that productivity is low as the three business categories of shippers, forwarders, and airlines process complex business flows in analog format, it is difficult to switch from traditional operations to new operations. It's not easy. However, we invested in Mr. Inaba because we empathized with Mr. Inaba's honest and passionate feelings, who has a wealth of experience in the air cargo industry, and even though he knows how difficult it is, he still feels a strong passion for change. . I'm looking forward to seeing how it works in the future!

■Comment from Inaba, Representative Director of Japan Hyperinar Co., Ltd.

Our mission is to "innovate the traditional flow and build the system of the future," and by eliminating the inconveniences of legacy operational systems and business systems, we aim to improve the productivity of the entire air cargo industry. In order to achieve this, we raised approximately 30 million yen in a pre-seed round.

Furthermore, the air cargo industry is a dynamic and attractive industry that plays an important role in supporting the Japanese economy and in importing from foreign countries, but there are many operations that are far behind in digitalization. Many still remain. On the other hand, I feel that if Eka-Digi improves business operations, the industry can continue to grow. We will use this funding as an opportunity to develop our business even more quickly.


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