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Would you like to drastically innovate your air cargo work?

JAPAN HYPERINER INC. is a venture company established in Osaka, Japan, in July 2020 to innovate the conventional workflow in the air cargo industry drastically.

Ex. When a shipper wants to forward BtoB cargo overseas,

  • Which forwarder should you ask?

  • What's the usual rate for air freight?

  • You don't know where your shipment is, etc.

Focusing on the remaining issues, we have been developed the world's first shared digital platform, "," that makes full use of high IT technology to realize easy-to-use and daily work without stress overwhelmingly.

Specifically, you can use the following features.

  • Bulk flight schedule search

  • Cargo trace

  • Document creation

  • Space control

  • Bid participation, etc.

For more detailed features and schemes, please see the below.

In addition to the above features, you can create loading plans, manage ULD, and more.


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